Our Organization

Learning Partners is an educational consulting and networking organization that focuses on partnering with schools, districts, educational organizations and individuals.  Our goal is always to increase student achievement and build organizational capacity through real time services and through social media/virtual networking.  We offer a range of services that include consultation (school and district level), professional development, coaching, and other support services.  Additionally, our online collaboration is focused on providing forums for conversation, reflection, innovation, and leadership.  Whether needing consultation services “real time” or sharing an idea with colleagues online, Learning Partners is about building partnerships that sustain high levels of student and adult learning.

When you visit our social networking page, be sure to let us know about topics you are interested in, respond to shared practices, and provide insights into the work you are doing in your school.  Everyone benefits from networking, sharing ideas, and engaging in reflective practice around student achievement, adult learning, and organizational growth.

Our organization can assist with short term projects or can provide partners support for longer term needs such as turn around plans and/or recovery planning.